These are the most common materials that we fabricate. Something to note is that fabrication requirements vary on every material. Some may require more detail/time than others. Below you can make a selection on any of the materials listed to learn more about them.


Granite is by far one of the most durable materials that can be used on counter tops. This material is very well known for its large array of colors to choose from. Being one of the most durable materials out there, this is used in more common areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Granite is significantly better than any other material when it comes in contact to hot or cold surfaces. If you are looking for a natural look that also has durable characteristics, granite is definitely the material that will suit these needs. 


If luxury is what you’re looking for then marble is most likely the best option for you. Having such rich colors and very unique veiney patterns, this material has come to be a very exclusive option. The brilliance in color and pattern combination definitely gives off a more high end look, unfortunately it has its drawbacks. Being a more expensive material it also requires more care and preventative action to maintain its unique state. Risks of ruining its condition lead us to not recommend using this material in areas that will be used often, such as kitchens or bathrooms. Nevertheless, this natural stone is by far one of the most recognizable materials due to its exceptional looks. 


Composed of calcite, dolomite and impurities, this sedimentary rock is used for counter tops quite often. This material can also have fossils embedded within the rock which give it such a natural look. Not to mention that there is a good amount of colors to choose from. Having such natural characteristics in its chemical composition leave it susceptible to frequent damage such as staining. Also not to mention the risk of acidic damage that can come from wines, sodas, limes, tomatoes, or any other similar substances due to there low pH level. Like any other material there are drawbacks but regardless of the ones limestone has, it definitely can find a way to impress its viewers. 


Being the most popular man made material, Quartz is used possibly more often now than any other moment in history. This is mainly due to its extensive amount of colors and pattern variations that can be offered by a large market of manufacturers. This low maintenance material is for sure used in high traffic areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. This material can withstand favorable temperatures without any damage. Due to its non-porous characteristics it can also be very easily cleaned with a lower risk of being stained or damaged. 


Strong, durable, elegant, and stunning are just a few words to describe this natural stone. Many have come to mistaken this material for its man made predecessor, quartz. Quartzite has similar attributes as marble due to its veins and color fluctuations. Being almost as durable as granite, this material is ideally one of the better options to place somewhere with high traffic. The colors that can be found can range from dark grey to white. This material can definitely be consider low maintenance and can be easily cleaned.  


Made from natural materials and heated to very high temperatures, Porcelain has come to be a very intricate component in the counter top industry. Withstanding very high and low temperatures, this material can be put under much use and wont be damaged. Being also hygienic, it can come in contact with foods while also having a low risk of contamination. Whether it be a wood finish or even a marble look, there are different colors and styles suited for your needs. 


Modern and elegant are what this material give off when seen. Not having much color diversity, slate has become a very bold and modern option for customers. This material has color options from grey, black, green, brown and even red. Those are not the only colors to chose from but just a few of them. Distinguished from many other materials, this has been consider the more simple option in regards to veins and style of the rock. Being non-porous means that it can be cleaned very easily and is also very durable.  


If you are looking for a more unique man made option, glass most likely might be what you’re looking for. Unlike other materials, glass can withstand very hot objects being placed on top of them and can also be very easily cleaned. Heavy or sharp object can be detrimental to the materials surface. Although this is a more unique option, this material is very tedious in the fabrication process and tends to be more expensive not in the price of the slab but mostly in the fabrication since it takes more effort to produce the final product. 


With very elaborate patterns and designs, this translucent material is mainly used with some form of back lighting to illuminate the different colors and composition of the rock. The only con that can come to mind with this material is the durability. Being much like marble, this stone is brittle and sometimes difficult to fabricate. To truly embrace the beauty of this material, it is recommended that it is placed somewhere such as a wall or low-traffic area. 


Having a more natural look, soapstone has become a major focus for many designers to use in terms of the durability, beauty, and reliability it offers. The sleek and modern look is being used a lot more often than other times since it evokes a more luxurious feel. Being a softer material, it is recommended that no cutting on the stone or heavy use of this material should be used. Cleaning is very easy since it is not very porous and can be done with water and soap. 


Definitely being one of the most unique materials to use for counter tops, these counter tops are made from pieces of stone placed together and held by a resin. This material is easy to fabricate and when lights are used to illuminate underneath the counter top, the end result is amazing and breathtaking. This material is not frequently used but can very much leave an impression. Much like other durable materials, it is non porous and very durable under high temperatures, impacts and staining.  


Being apart of the Limestone family, Travertine has come to be recognized for its unique patterns. Being very distinguishable, there is no doubt that this material will awe you with its complex designs. Coming in shades of gray, red, yellow, beige and brown there is for sure to be a color that you are looking for. Something to note is the high maintenance that it requires due to its porous nature and delicate chemical composition.


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